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Enhancing Email Deliverability: A Guide to Domain Authentication and Testing
Enhancing Email Deliverability: A Guide to Domain Authentication and Testing
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Ensuring your emails reach their intended destination is crucial for successful communication. Various factors influence where emails end up once sent, including landing in the "promotions" tab or, unfortunately, in spam/junk folders. Domains possess distinct email health scores, and individuals' inboxes learn to categorize emails based on their source and content. To optimize email deliverability, consider authenticating your domain with Roster, a key step in the process.

Authenticating Your Domain:

Have you taken the necessary steps to authenticate your domain with Roster and improve your email deliverability? If not, follow the steps outlined in this article to set up domain authentication seamlessly.

Testing Email Placement:

Once your domain is authenticated with Roster's email service, it's beneficial to conduct a series of test emails to gauge their typical placement. Send test emails to various personal accounts to observe where they land and ensure optimal visibility.

Steps to Send Test Emails:

Utilize the campaign email template editor to send out test emails. This tool allows you to simulate real-world scenarios and observe the likely placement of your emails. Following these steps enhances your understanding of how recipients receive and interact with your content.

  • Step 1: On the left-hand navbar go to Campaigns > click into a campaign or create a new one > proceed to step 3 of the campaign creation process > click Edit & Preview next to one of the emails.

  • Step 2: Send out the test email in the bottom left corner and monitor the placement of the email in the inbox.

Contact Support for Further Assistance:

If the results of your test emails leave you unsatisfied or if you encounter challenges during the domain authentication process, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. They are ready to provide further assistance and address any concerns you may have.


By taking proactive steps such as authenticating your domain with Roster and conducting test emails, you can significantly improve the deliverability of your emails. Understanding how emails are categorized and received ensures that your messages reach your audience effectively. Follow the guidelines provided in this article to enhance your email communication strategy and achieve better results.

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