10 Campaign Email Tips
Written by Libby Serra
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Below are the top 10 tips to improve your campaign email performance.

1. Customize, customize, customize

If there were only one tip, this would be it. Roster includes a default email template, but campaigns will perform MUCH better with personalization to your brand, the campaign, and the ambassadors.

2. Personalize the sender's "from" email

Depending on the number of emails going out, consider using your own email. Yes, you'll get a few replies or out-of-office messages but these are real people who want to hear from and engage with real people. Alternatively, you can use an ambassador inbox but be sure to monitor it daily for ambassador feedback and questions.

3. Create an exciting subject

"Fall product campaign"... BORING. How about "First access to our new fall colors" or "How high can you go"? You might also want to consider adding "[Brand] Campaign" to the start or end of the subject.

4. Personalize the email!

Use the "First Name" token to personalize the email. Studies show using their name increases open rates by 20%.

5. Describe the campaign

Don't make your ambassadors guess. Tell them what you're looking for in the email. E.g., "We're launching an exciting new line of shoes that are more comfortable than walking on clouds. We'd love to send you a pair."

6. Point out next steps

New ambassadors might need a little hand-holding. Add something like this to the email.

If you'd like to participate, just click the "Join Now" button below and log into the [Brand] portal where you'll see the campaign.

7. Add a header with your logo

Let's make this email look snazzy and align with your brand!

8. Add a hero image to share the essence of the campaign

An exciting hero image can make an ambassador excited AND help inspire content ideas. Do make sure that this image is wide and not too tall, otherwise, the entire email becomes one big picture.

9. Customize the button color to match your brand color

It sounds simple, but it can really make the branding pop.

10. Send a test email to yourself

How does it look? Does it make you excited to send it our or participate in the campaign? If so, then it's ready to go!

Final thing. Feel free to chat with our Customer Success team if you have questions or would like a 3rd party review before hitting send. Best of luck!

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