This video provides an overview of our Programs feature and how you can use it to organize different groups of advocates within our platform.

Video Notes:

New Program

  • Some common Programs created in Roster are: Influencers, Ambassadors, Athletes, Industry Professionals, Employees, Customers, and Fans.

  • Create a new program by clicking the New Program in the top right corner. Type in the Program name, select a Program Color, and Program Icon. These selections will be for internal use only (not visible to advocates).

Application Form

  • Under Program Settings, you can customize the application form by clicking on Edit & Preview

  • Select the information you'd like to collect when someone fills out this form, such as Address/Location, Social Profiles, and Custom Questions.

  • Create custom questions by clicking on Add Question, type in the question, and indicate how you'd like them to answer it (text, dropdown menu, etc). Check out this article for best practices on Application Forms.

  • Once the form is ready, click Get Embed Code and publish it on your website. You can use this article for more in-depth directions on setting up your Application Page.

Application Approval Process

  • Next, select whether new applicants will require manual approval or if they will be automatically approved

Automated Emails

  • There are four emails that will be sent to applicants and new members. They can all be turned on/off and are all fully customizable. Roster has some example templates in there for you, but we always suggest you edit the messaging so it feels more personal to your brand voice!

  • Application Received - this email will go out once someone submits the application form. We recommend turning this on if you are manually approving applicants so you can let them know what the next steps are or how long you usually take to approve. Be sure to hyperlink your social accounts and encourage people to follow you in the meantime.

  • Application Approved - update this email to let newly accepted advocates know what is in store for them now that they are approved and in the program.

  • Application Rejected - this is an optional email you can turn on to let applicants know they did not get approved.

  • Manually Added to Program - this is a great email to use if you are migrating current ambassadors to the Roster platform, if you are manually adding a contact into Roster, or switching someone from one program to another. Many brands like to use this as a Welcome Email with similar messaging as the Application Approved email.

Discounts & Perks

  • Each program allows you to give program members a personal discount and sharable discount code for being accepted into the program. We have other videos with more in-depth tutorials on setting up Discount Rules.


  • Click Create Campaign to set up an auto-add Welcome Campaign using our pre-filled template. When new members are approved for the program, they will automatically be added to this campaign so they have something to engage with in the advocate portal.

Referral Rewards

  • Turn on Referral Commissions if you'd like to set this program up to get paid for referring purchases with their custom links and codes. Turning this on will start tracking and calculating these advocates referrals and their associated commissions.

  • You can customize the automated emails associated with the referral rewards.

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