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Troubleshooting DNS Email Authentication
Troubleshooting DNS Email Authentication
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Video Example on Adding DNS Records

Have trouble adding your CNAME records to your DNS? Watch this video for a quick tutorial.

Exclude the domain in the "Host" field

A confusing thing about CNAME records is depending on your DNS provider they shouldn't have your domain in the "Host" field. Even though the instructions from SendGrid show the domain in the host name. for example: should NOT be in the field.

With many DNS providers, you need to remove your domain from the "Host" field. Take the first record in the example above, the domain should be excluded in the DNS entry and you should only enter "em7357" and do the same for the domain key records. (this example is with GoDaddy and many other DNS providers will behave similarly)

To get to the main article on DNS authentication go here.

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