The various social networks we support handle the account connection differently. If you're having trouble connecting your social account to Roster, here's some tips that may help...

First, identify which type of social account you have. With Instagram & Facebook for example you could have a person, creator or business account. Within the Roster app, make sure you are connecting the right type of account. Personal or business/creator.

Personal Accounts

If you have multiple Instagram accounts it can be tricky to connect the right one when they handle connections to multiple accounts and they auto sign you in to your default account.

Are you trying to connect on a mobile device using the native Instagram app? Try to fully logout of the app so you are prompted to login when connecting Roster and you can switch accounts at that point.

Are you trying to connect on a mobile device using the internet browser? First click here to logout from Instagram in the browser, then go back to the Roster app and initiate the social connection.

Still stuck? If so, try on a computer in the browser and first logout of your account at and then login to the Roster app to connect your social account.

Business Accounts

Are you a business account and need to connect your Instagram to your Facebook page? See this article for help.

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