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FAQ: How does referral tracking work in Roster?
FAQ: How does referral tracking work in Roster?

Discover Roster's straightforward approach to referral tracking, making influencer-driven traffic easy to monitor.

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Roster is an innovative marketing platform designed to amplify brand engagement across social media channels and supercharge word-of-mouth sales. For referral tracking and to accurately monitor conversions, Roster equips you with a client-side script, ensuring seamless tracking of link clicks and referred orders.

How to Track Referrals

Referral tracking with link clicks is straightforward with Roster. Simply follow the provided instructions to seamlessly embed the tracking pixel on any landing page where you anticipate influencers and ambassadors to direct traffic.

Begin with our Link Tracking Setup (refer to Step 2) to effortlessly implement this feature.

Effortlessly Capture Referred Orders with Roster's System

When it comes to capturing referred orders for referral tracking, our system is designed for ease of use. Embed the order pixel onto your order confirmation page and relax, knowing Roster requires only minimal sale-related information to attribute it accurately to the respective ambassador or influencer.

A comprehensive guide detailing the necessary steps is available in our documentation; refer to our Order Tracking Setup (see Step 3) for an in-depth walkthrough.

Backend Referral Management

If your brand likes using the backend for tracking referrals, Roster has a handy server-side API. Our API includes an Orders endpoint, which streamlines the process of transmitting referred orders to our platform. For additional insights and comprehensive information on this option, please consult our Rest API Documentation.

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