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Upgrading to the v2 Referral Tracking Script
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This guide outlines the process for upgrading from Roster’s version 1 (v1) to version 2 (v2) referral tracking script. The v2 script offers several improvements for enhanced tracking accuracy and ease of integration.

If the Roster tracking script is not yet installed on your store or site, please instead refer to Installing the Roster Tracking Script

Step 1: Update the link tracking script

Roster’s link tracking script is a compact JavaScript file included on each page of your store to track referral links.

Check the current script tag’s src attribute on your site. If it starts with any of the following URLs, you will need to replace it with the new v2 script tag provided below:

  • src=""

  • src=""

Updated v2 script tag:

<!-- Roster -->
<script async type="application/javascript" src=""></script>

Step 2: Update the order tracking script

The order tracking script is crucial for attributing sales to the correct ambassador or affiliate. It’s typically placed on your store’s order confirmation page. It is important that you follow the order tracking script specific to your e-commerce platform.

Important: If your store has previously customized this script based on specific recommendations, consult with your Roster Customer Success Manager (CSM) for any discrepancies in your current setup.

Step 3: Confirm the changes

After making any changes, be sure to create at least one test order to confirm that Roster's link tracking and order tracking are working as expected.

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