How are referred sales tracked within Roster? This is a common question we are asked and we hope the following information helps clarify things for you.

How are sales added?

Sales/orders can be added to Roster's system in these 3 ways. Only the pixel integration can stand alone as a single sales tracking solution. The other 2 options can augment the pixel data and provide additional details about a sale the pixel doesn't capture.

  1. Referral Tracking Pixel - this is the minimum required option because it's the only way to track referrals from share links.

    1. Are you on Shopify? If so you're in luck! The tracking pixel is auto installed in your online store when you connect it to Roster.

  2. Roster gets the order data from your connected eCommerce platform (like Shopify)

  3. Custom API integration sending order data to us from your POS system

How are referrals recognized?

A referred sale is when a purchase was made after following a Roster referral link or using a discount code assigned to a contact within Roster.

*It's important to note that a referred sale via discount code is only attributed to the contact/referrer AFTER the discount code has been assigned to the individual. We've considered allowing that functionality to be retroactive on code assignment but we get mixed feedback from our users on how they want that part to work. If you have an opinion here, please let us know!

How are referred sale stats displayed in the Brand Portal?

The Roster brand portal will aggregate and display referred sales within the dashboard and reports, in the discount rule settings, and within each individual contact profile.

How to test and verify your pixel is working properly?

View this article for steps on how to test your pixel installation.

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