Referral Tracking Script Troubleshooting Tips
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Do if click tracking isn't working...

If you find when loading your website with an "rstr" Referral ID and the clicks aren't being tracked within your Roster portal, check the following:

  1. Load your website and "view source" to see the HTML code (right click on the web page to get the menu).

    1. Search for "roster" in the source code.

      1. Note: you may not see the script in the code if you're using a tag manager.

    2. Is the Roster script correctly loading into your website?

      1. Does it have the correct access token?

      2. Did you create the right type of access token? It should be a "Public Access Token".

  2. If everything is correct in #1, next open the developer tools in your browser and navigate to the to the "Network" tab in the developer tools and look for requests to "". Are you getting a successful response from those API calls? Is the Referral ID being sent to the Roster API in the post data?

    1. "Status Code: 200" means it was successful

      1. Note: the pixel won't call the order capture API endpoint, as shown in the screenshot below, if it already did on a previous page load. We only need that sent to our server 1 time per visitor. :-) So you can open a new incognito window in your browser to start fresh OR enter a different Referral Id in the "rstr" URL parameter.

Click tracking is working but referred orders are not being captured...

Revisit the coding that sets the order data and ensure it follows the instructions outlined in Step 3 in the main help article. When your order confirmation page loads you should see an API call to Roster's server's sending us the order data.

  • If you don't see that API call happening, the most likely causes would be a run-time error in your JavaScript code or the script isn't fully loading into the browser or it's loading pre-maturely. If it's one of these issues, follow best practices to ensure the script runs after the order data has loaded on the page and no run-time errors are happening

  • If you do see that API call happening and it's sending data to Roster's servers and you don't see the referred order showing up in the brand portal, reach out to our support team and we'll look into it with you.

The discount code isn't sending in the API POST data

Revisit the coding that sets the "discountCodes" property. Keep in mind this field is an array because we support 1 or more discount codes to be sent. Below is a Shopify example of building the array. (Note: it's fine to have the trailing comma in the array at the end to simplify your logic)

discountCodes: [{% for discount in order.discount_applications %} "{{ discount.title }}", {% endfor %}],

Example outputs: ["MyCode1",] or ["MyCode1","MyCode2",]

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