Once your Ambassador campaign is live, Roster will begin reporting on the performance. Everything from email opens, participant stats, to the content and its engagement. See below for a breakdown of each section and how best to navigate.

  • OVERVIEW - Upon clicking on an active campaign, the Overview section will show you a summary of what’s been done to date.

    • Campaign Status - These clickable stats show you who you’ve Added to the campaign, how many emails were sent, the Open rate, Join rate and those who have Completed the campaign requirements.

    • Completion Metrics - this is the high-level percentage of the Participation Rate (measuring interest - the rate in which people have joined a campaign) and the Completion Rate (measuring commitment, those who joined the campaign and completed it)

    • Content - an overview of how much content the campaign has in total with a breakdown in content type

    • Total Follower Reach - the total reach that content has had

    • Engagement Rate - the number of total engagements (likes & comments) divided by the total reach

    • Top Performing Posts - these are the campaign posts that have received the most engagements

    • Performance by Network - the amount of posts per network along with a break down of their engagements, reach, and engagement rate

      • Content Created - this graph showcases the amount of content created over a certain time frame (since the beginning of the campaign). When you click, “Compare Networks.” it will break into different lines that represent each network.

      • Total Reach - this graph showcases the campaign content’s reach over a certain time frame (since the beginning of the campaign). When you click, “Compare Networks.” it will break into different lines that represent each network.

  • CONTENT TAB - all of the content collected from that campaign.

    • Social Posts - All of the social posts pulled in from social listening.

      • Filters - You can choose to sort by network by clicking on each of the network icons.

Timeframe & Sort By - You can also filter for a preset time frame, by Most Engagements, or Most Recent


  • Uploaded Content - this is where you can find any additional UGC or screenshots that were required. Also sortable by a particular time frame.

  • Web Links - this is where you can find web links to additional content you might have either required or made option. Content such as blog posts, YouTube videos, Pinterest pins, or any other link.

  • Participant Stats - This is where you’ll find the status of everyone who has Joined your campaign.

    • You can sort by each column with the exception of “Last Post.” Although you can go back to the Content tab and sort by more recent there.

    • Click on the Ambassador’s Progress % (last column on the right) to view specifics around what they’ve completed so far and to manually add links or screenshots on behalf of the ambassador for that campaign.

  • Logistics - This section will show you all of the members you added to this campaign and their status.

    • Use the All Statuses drop-down filter on the right-hand corner to view certain statuses, (Invite Note Sent, Invite Sent, Invite reminder Sent, Invite Opened, Joined, Completed, Email Not Sent - Unsubscribed).

    • Actions - Use the checkboxes on the left to select one or multiple members and complete an action, (Resend Invite, Send Email, Export Contacts, Remove From Campaign).

    • You can also click on the blue Fulfill button if there is product to be sent out!

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