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What to do after launching a campaign
What to do after launching a campaign
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So you’ve launched a campaign (woohoo!) and are wondering what to do next. Here are some tips!

The Campaign Status section at the top of the Overview page shows you how many emails were sent vs. opened vs # of people who have joined the campaign. Keep tabs on this early on.

Participants Tab

On the Participants Tab, you can see the status of each campaign member. The different status options include:

  • Invite Sent -- This confirms the email has been delivered to the person’s inbox

  • Invite Not Sent -- This means the email was not delivered. This could be because the profile doesn’t have an email or some error occurred when trying to send. Confirm the profile has an email (or add one) and then Re-send the Invite

  • Email Not Sent - Unsubscribed -- This means the person has unsubscribed from receiving future emails from your email address. You can try DMing them with a link to the campaign instead

  • Invite Reminder Sent -- This confirms that the reminder email (Email #2) was sent

  • Not Interested -- Ambassador was not interested in joining this specific campaign

  • Invite Opened -- This indicates that the person opened the email invitation

  • Joined -- The ambassador has seen the campaign brief and decided to join the campaign

Rewards Tab

  • In this tab, you will be able to check in on your campaign rewards. you can see who is eligible for a reward and if that reward requires any manual fulfillment from your team.

  • Select the status from the dropdown to see those members. The yellow “ Needs Fulfill” status will inform you which ambassadors are needing fulfillment on a specific campaign reward. Clicking on the "Needs Fulfillment" status will bring up a sidebar window containing all the information needed to fulfill the reward.

Other Features:

  • Re-send Invite -- you have the ability to re-send the initial invitation email by selecting a name, clicking Actions at the top, and “Resend Invite”

  • Send Email -- you can also send a regular email

  • Remove from Campaign -- if you accidentally invited someone, or decide to remove someone from a campaign for any reason

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