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Product Fulfillment: Campaign Reward
Product Fulfillment: Campaign Reward

Product Fulfillment is a great way to give your ambassadors a specific product rewarded to your customers rather than a discount code!

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Our new Product Fulfillment tool is here! It lets you seed products for testing and/or generate buzz around new ones, as well as reward customers with actual products in milestones and campaigns instead of exclusively offering discount codes or having to manually fulfill them. We couldn't be more excited for you to get your ambassadors the specific rewards they'll love!

Video Guide!

Step-by-Step Guide!

  1. To get to the meat of Product fulfillment in campaigns you must reach Step 2 "Campaign Brief" in the campaign creation process.

  2. Once you reach the "Rewards" section you will:

    1 ) Click on "Add reward"

    2 ) In the drop-down select "Automated product reward"

  3. In the model select "Add Product(s)"
    NOTE: You can also click "Add Collection(s)"

  4. You've now the product reward builder page. From here you can:
    1 ) Click on the pencil in the top left to open a model.
    2 ) In the model you can change the name of the product group.
    3 ) As well as the description of the product group.

  5. Now you can add the product(s) you want to offer your ambassadors in this campaign.

    1 ) In the search bar type in the name of the product you'd like to offer your ambassadors for their participation in this campaign.

    2 ) Once you've found the correct product click "Add"

  6. Now it's time to enter the specific details of what the ambassadors can and can't choose.
    1 ) In this section you'll be able to select things such as quantity as well as any other option the product may have. Examples may include flavors, color, size, etc.

    2) Once you feel you've finished click "Create"

  7. Click on "Reward details"
    Note: This is the main Product reward window where you can add additional products, edit existing products details, and determine at what point in the campaign the product should be awarded.

  8. In the Reward details section, you'll see that the information you select and fill out on the left will give you a real-time view of what your ambassadors will see on the phone to the right! The things you can do in this section are:
    1 ) Reward Timing is where you can decide whether to give ambassadors access to their reward upon joining the campaign or when they complete it.

    2 ) Reward Name is where you can give the reward a title.
    3 ) Reward Description is where you can describe the reward.
    4 ) Reward images give you the ability to add images of the product.

    Once you have finished filling out the Reward details click save!

  9. (OPTIONAL) In this highlighted section you can add more products or collections to the reward.

Great job, you've successfully set up your campaign to automatically deliver specific products to your ambassadors! We hope this feature helps you build even stronger relationships with your ambassadors and grow your business.

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