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Setting Up Product Reward Orders via Webhook in Roster
Setting Up Product Reward Orders via Webhook in Roster
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Roster now offers an exciting feature for managing product reward orders: the ability to send these orders to a webhook instead of directly to a connected Shopify store. This functionality is particularly useful for Roster customers who want more flexibility in handling their ambassador rewards.

How Product Fulfillment Works

Unlock the versatility of Automated Product Reward Fulfillment within the Roster platform, available seamlessly in two key areas: Milestones and Campaigns. Below is a brief high-level overview of getting this powerful feature set up.

  1. Milestones:

    • Login to your Roster brand portal and navigate to Milestones.

    • Create or edit a milestone, specifying tier details.

    • Choose "Automated product reward" in the "Add reward" dropdown.

    • Add products, provide group details, and save.

    For a more detailed overview on how to set up Product Fulfillment for Milestones check out our Product Fulfillment for a Milestone Series article.

  2. Campaigns:

    • In the campaign creation process, reach "Rewards" and click "Add reward."

    • Choose "Automated product reward" and add products for ambassadors.

    • Set reward details (timing, title, description, images) and save.

    For a more detailed overview on how to set up Product Fulfillment for Campaigns check out our Product Fulfillment: Campaign Reward article.

Sending Orders to a Webhook

  • Default Process: Typically, upon order submission, the order details are sent directly to Shopify.

  • New Feature - Webhook Integration:

    • Instead of sending to Shopify, the order can now be sent to a webhook.

    • This is achieved through the 'reward redeemed' webhook in Roster's API, which emits a JSON file to your server.

    • The webhook captures all order details, including the shipping address, SKU, and quantity.

    • Your team's software can then process this information for order fulfillment.

Integration with Roster

  • After processing the order, you can make an API call back to Roster using the 'orders' endpoint.

  • This allows for updating the Roster system with the order fulfillment status, closing the loop in the campaign management.


This new feature provides an alternative to the Shopify-integrated process, offering more versatility in handling ambassador rewards. It's an excellent choice for those who wish to integrate Roster's capabilities with different systems or have specific fulfillment processes.

Next Steps: If you're interested in enabling this feature for your account or if you have any technical questions, please don't hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager. We're here to assist you in leveraging this new capability for your brand's benefit.

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