Uploading Campaign Content as an Ambassador

Roster will automatically pick up campaign posts from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, there are certain campaign tasks that will require you to upload content or submit web links via the Roster platform to mark the campaign as complete.

A few examples of these kind of deliverables include Instagram Story content (if you do not have a professional IG account connected to Roster), screenshots of Instagram Story (or other types of) analytics, image uploads, and screenshots of product reviews.

Examples of web link content may include YouTube videos, a folder of images, a blog post, etc. Below are the steps you can take to upload that content or submit web links.

Steps to Uploading Content

  1. Login to your Ambassador Portal - https://roster.link/login

  2. View Campaigns under "In Progress" > click "View Campaign Progress"

  3. Scroll down to the Instagram story (or Upload Content) requirements > click the down arrow to find the "+" upload button

  4. Upload images from your camera roll. *Note - if you did a video for your IG story, you have to upload a screenshot as we do not currently support video uploads unless you have connected as a creator or business Instagram account.

  5. Upload a screenshot of your story analytics as well.

  6. You're all set!

Steps to Submitting a Web Link

Login to your Ambassador Portal - https://roster.link/login View Campaigns under "In Progress" > click "View Campaign Progress"Scroll down to the Web Link requirements > click the blue "Add Link" button

Paste the URL to the additional content into the blank cell and then click "Save" Click "Add Link" for additional cells to insert any more links you'd like to submit.
Hit save. You're all set!

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