This article and video will show you how to customize your referral ID which is used in your custom brand referral link. Sharing your custom link is a great way to recommend brands and products in Roster with friends or followers and track the sales you influenced. We recommend customizing your referral ID so the link you share looks like it belongs to you.

  1. Go to the Roster Portal and sign in

  2. Select the brand (if you have more than one)

  3. Select View All in the Share section

  4. Select Customize next to your referral ID

  5. Type in your new referral ID (we suggest changing it to your social handle or your name)

  6. Click save

Where to share your custom link:

  • Text or email to your friends and family

  • In your social profile bio's

  • In a swipe-up IG Story (if applicable)

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