The Social Feed is a great place to see content from everyone who is talking about your brand on social media! You can use the social feed as inspiration for campaigns, prospecting for new ambassadors, seeing your ambassador posts, and keeping up to date on how people represent your product. There are many different ways you can sort the feed to take full advantage of it.



  • This is where filter based on timeframe to view content that was posted in a specified date range.

Sort by Type:

  • Everyone: everyone who has ever tagged your brand in a post (ambassadors and anyone else with a public profile)

  • All Ambassadors: anyone in your Roster account who is marked as “Ambassador”

  • My Ambassadors: all ambassadors that are assigned to you as the "Contact Owner"

  • Prospects: Anyone with a public profile who has tagged your brand and is not an ambassador

Sort by Stats:

  • Most Recent - the posts will appear in chronological order with the most recent first

  • Most Engagements - sorted by most likes and comments on a post to least amount of likes and comments

  • Most Followers - posts will be sorted by how many followers the account has (most amount of followers to least amount of followers)

Social Platform Filter:

  • You can filter the posts from specific social media networks by selecting which network you want to see

Favorites and Archives:

  • You can “favorite” posts that you would like to save. In order to “favorite” a post, click the “star button” in the bottom left-hand corner of the post.

  • If there are certain posts you don’t wish to see in your feed, you can archive them with the button to the right of the star and it will be moved to the "Archive" tab.

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