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Maximizing Your Social Feed: A Comprehensive Guide
Maximizing Your Social Feed: A Comprehensive Guide
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Welcome to your ultimate guide on harnessing the power of the Social Feed, a versatile tool designed to help you stay connected with your brand's online presence. This article will provide a detailed walkthrough of the Social Feed, which consists of three primary sections: Feed, Favorites, and Archive, conveniently accessible via the top navigation bar. Discover how to optimize your experience by exploring various filters and sorting options, as well as the added functionalities of downloading posts and direct access to social profiles. Let's dive in!

  1. Exploring the Social Feed Sections:

    1. Feed: Your Content Hub

      • The "Feed" is your central hub for accessing all the posts related to your brand, neatly organized for your convenience.

    2. Favorites: Handpicked Gems

      • In the "Favorites" section, you can curate a collection of your ambassadors most useful posts. Simply click the star button on a post to add it to your favorites.

    3. Archive: Keeping Things Tidy

      • The "Archive" section serves as a repository for posts you no longer wish to see in your main feed. Easily declutter your view by archiving posts with a simple click.

  2. Efficient Post Sorting Options:

    1. Program and Social Network Filters:

      • Filter posts by specific programs or social media networks. Tailor your view to focus on what matters most to you.

    2. Date Range Filter:

      • Customize your search by specifying a start and end date, allowing you to pinpoint posts from a particular timeframe.

    3. Sort by Criteria:

      • Choose from a variety of sorting options, including:

        • "Most Recent": View posts in chronological order, with the latest ones appearing first.

        • "Most Engagement": Sort posts based on the highest number of likes and comments, ensuring you see the most interactive content.

        • "Most Followers": Arrange posts by the number of followers the account has, from the most to the least followers. Tailor your view to focus on influential voices.

  3. Enhanced Functionality:

    1. Downloading Posts:

      • Want to keep a copy of a post? Download it directly from the Social Feed with ease.

    2. Direct Access to Social Profiles:

      • Seamlessly navigate to the social platform by clicking on a profile's name or icon. This feature ensures you stay connected across various platforms.


The Social Feed is your gateway to monitoring your brand's social presence, gathering inspiration for campaigns, identifying potential ambassadors, and keeping tabs on how your product is being represented. With the power of filters, sorting options, and additional features like downloading posts and direct social profile access, you can streamline your social media management and make the most of this invaluable tool. Start exploring your Social Feed today and unlock its full potential!

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