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How To Create Vanity Affiliate Links in Shopify
How To Create Vanity Affiliate Links in Shopify

Shopify users: Create shorter, more memorable links for your affiliates.

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Vanity links offer a more user-friendly approach compared to the conventional strings of random characters, letters, and numbers. These personalized links, often featuring brand names, common words, or even your Ambassador's name, can yield significant benefits for your website, including enhanced SEO, increased click-through rates (CTR), and heightened brand awareness.

To create these custom links for your Ambassadors through your Shopify store, follow these straightforward steps, which will ensure that the Ambassador receives proper credit, just as with the original link:

1. Log in to your Shopify store.

2. Navigate to “Online Store” and click on “Navigation” in the left-hand sidebar.

3. In the upper right corner, locate and click on "View URL Redirects."

4. Now, click the "Create URL Redirect" button.

5. In the "Redirect from" field, input the desired Vanity URL.

6. In the "Redirect from" field, paste the Ambassador's tracking URL. For example:

7. You can then create a new URL for the “Redirect to” field. For example:

8. Finally, save the redirect by clicking the "Save redirect" button.

By following these steps, you'll effectively enhance your website's user experience while ensuring your Ambassadors receive the recognition they deserve.

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