If you have one or a few contacts to add to the system but don’t want to upload with an entire CSV file, you can use the manual upload feature. You can use this method when you want to add one or a few contacts, but if it’s a larger list, we suggest the CSV upload feature because it will save you time.


Step 1: Go to the main contacts page and click “+Add Contact” in the top right-hand corner

Step 2: Type in their first name and last name

Step 3: Type in their email.

  • If you don’t have their email, I would suggest looking at their social profiles or direct messaging them for it.

  • You can add a contact without having their email as well, but you won’t be able to email them through Roster.

Step 4: Add their social handle

  • When adding their social handle, make sure it is exactly as shown on the social network.

  • To change the social handle option, click on the Instagram option to find the other networks.

  • You can add more networks once their profile page is created under “Social Channels.”

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