• What are magic links?

  • How do I use magic links?

  • What are the benefits of using magic links in Roster?

If you do not have magic links enabled, and would like to use this feature, please chat with us, or send a message to [email protected].

What is a Magic Link in Roster?

  • A Magic link in Roster is a login tool designed to eliminate the need for an advocate / ambassador to create a password to access their account.

    • Instead of being prompted by Roster to create an account password, Roster generates a unique identifier for the advocate in the form of a link which the advocate will then use to access their account.

    • Only those with the unique link will be able to access the account associated with that single link.

How do I use magic links?

  • After an advocate is added to your Roster Platform, Roster will automatically generate a unique link for that contact. When invited to join your advocate program, an email with information regarding their acceptance will be sent to them including their unique login link or… “magic link.”

    • Your advocates will then use this link to access their advocate portal and account.

    • No need to remember a password for logging in.

    • They only need to remember the email address they used when filling out the application form for your advocate program.

What are the benefits of using magic links in Roster?

  • Streamlines the onboarding process for your advocates

  • Removes the need to remember a password for logging in which creates a better experience for advocates and eliminates login issues that brands would otherwise have to deal with.

  • Each communication from the brand can have their magic link attached, to facilitate and encourage logging in. The advocate can also use the link at any time to check the status of their points, payouts, campaigns, actions, etc.


Q. What if I need to change my account information?

  1. A secure code will be sent to the email address on file for account verification. Once verified, you can make changes to your account.

Q. What if someone forgets their link?

  1. A magic link can be included with all communications from the brand to the ambassadors. Within the Roster platform, there are dynamic fields that can be used within any email communication to send a login link that is unique to the ambassador.

Q. What if my email address changes?

  1. Email addresses can be updated by the advocate by logging in with their magic link and customizing their personal settings. A process is then used to verify their identity and confirm they are the correct individual attempting to update their information.

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