Campaign emails are the best way to invite ambassadors to participate in your campaign and keep them apprised of information throughout the campaign duration.

Toggle ON/OFF for the emails that you want (or don't want) to go out.


“Let’s Collaborate” -- this is the first email ambassadors will receive inviting them to the campaign. We highly recommend customizing this one and entice them to click the Join Campaign button in the email

“Reminder to Join” -- this email is delayed (however many days you choose) after the initial campaign invite email is sent only if the Ambassador hasn’t yet signed up. It’s a great way to follow up in case they didn’t see the first email.

“Signup Confirmation” -- this email is set to go out immediately after someone signs up for the campaign. If there is product involved, you can add a note about when their product should arrive.

“Reminder to Finish” -- you can set up an email to go out a certain number of days after someone joins, reminding them they still have requirements to fulfill. This email will only go out to ambassadors who have not completed the campaign.

“Thank You” -- simple way to express your gratitude to your ambassadors by sending a thank you email after they’ve completed the campaign. Include any next steps that might be needed, (i.e. products or rewards they might receive after completing the campaign).

NOTE: You do have the option to turn off all of the emails and run a social listening campaign instead. A great use case would be if you’re working with a group of larger influencers who you are communicating with over email and who you know won’t want to create a Roster profile.

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