Now it's time to create your campaign brief, so Ambassadors know all the details about the campaign you've invited them to.

Campaign Title

  • This is the title that Ambassadors will see in the Ambassador Portal (Ex: “Welcome Campaign” or “Winter Collection Launch”)

Campaign Overview

  • This is a great place to get Ambassadors excited about the campaign. We recommend that you briefly explain what the campaign is for, what the ask is, and what they get out of participating! Don’t worry about going into too much detail, just hype them up!

Link You Want Ambassadors to Share

  • This is optional, but we recommend putting a link here if you’re looking for ambassadors to drive clicks (ex: to the product they’re posting about)

  • *Track Link* - by clicking the checkbox, the brief will automatically add UTM parameters so you can track the performance of each link in Google Analytics. You can adjust the UTM parameters under Settings Profile & Account.

Discounts & Promo Codes

  • Select the Discount Rule you want your Campaign Participants to share.

  • To create new Discount Rules go to Settings Discount Rules. Reminder: You must first create the Discount Rule in Shopify, then search for it in Roster!

Campaign Header

  • This is the image that will be used for the hero banner of your campaign. Think of it like a Facebook cover photo

  • Ideal dimensions: 900 x 200px

Ambassador Custom Properties

  • Add any additional properties you need to gather from your ambassadors. This may include their preferred size, product selection, preferred colors or other custom questions. This info will help when it comes time to fulfill the incentive being offered.

Campaign Activities

  • Here you can indicate what the campaign requirements (or optional activities) will be for your campaign.

  • Activity groups can be required or optional. When you have multiple activities in a group, only 1 activity needs to be completed by the ambassador in order to fully complete the group.

  • When choosing a social feed post (IG/TW/FB), select the handle you want ambassadors to tag. You also have the option to require a hashtag. **If an ambassador tags the handle and does not use the hashtag, however, the post will not be pulled into the campaign report!

  • Instagram Reels & TikTok - because the Instagram and TikTok API does not allow us to automatically pick up these posts, this task will require campaign participants to submit a link to their post to mark is as complete.

  • Instagram or Facebook Story - the IG or Facebook Story requirement instructs ambassadors to upload a screenshot of their story. You can specify if you want them to upload the content or the analytics.

  • Upload Content - this can be used if you are looking for additional UGC or for screenshots of other actions you might have asked for. (i.e. web reviews, an in-store visit, Facebook story content, proof of purchase, etc.)

  • Web Links - use this requirement if you want to collect blog posts, YouTube videos, Pinterest pins, or any other link.


Select the reward ambassadors will receive for participating in the campaign.

Automatic Fulfillment

  • Discount Code - you can now allow campaign participants to unlock a discount code automatically by either joining or completing a campaign.

  • Points - these will go towards your active milestone series.

  • *For more on Automated Campaign Incentives, see this article.

Manual Fulfillment

  • Product - whether you’re sending them a new product to post about OR you want them to post and then send product, tell them what they might receive!

  • Other - another idea might be that you are selecting a few participants to win a $100 gift card to your store.

Style Guide & Mood Board Images

  • This is where you can give your ambassadors some inspiration for content as well as set the expectations of what you expect their content to look like! Be as descriptive as possible and be sure to upload some example images if you have any.

Campaign Do’s & Don’ts

  • Another great place to outline the expectations and guardrails for your ambassadors’ content

Terms & Conditions

  • This is essentially the Ambassadors' legally binding digital contract. When they join a campaign and agree to the terms, they are agreeing to fulfill the campaign requirements in exchange for the incentive.

  • You can edit the terms directly in the brief!

Preview Page - Click the blue button on the bottom of the page to preview both on mobile and desktop!

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